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and copayments can add another $1,000 to that. there's no medicare or medicaid. the government pays a cash subsidy to anyone who can't afford the basic policy. no one goes broke from getting sick, but health care's cost to the economy here is higher than anywhere except the u.s. what you built here was a rolex and really, perhaps, you should have made a timeex. >> it is a rolex. you're right. it should not just look like a rolex but also work like a rolex. >> reporter: it does, and the swiss love it, except once a year when premium prices go up. insurance companies which aren't allowed to make a profit from selling basic coverage and can't limit patient choice complain their hands are tied. do you think that patients have too much choice now? >> they have a lot of choice. >> reporter: too much? >> i think perhaps yes. >> reporter: given an aging population and high-tech medicine, some say costs are bound to rise 3% or 4% a year. health care reform here has been more expensive than reformers predicted, but the swiss say they didn't expect a perfect system overnight. >> such a system needs,
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)